Where I’m Going

I will leave these pieces of me, where I was and where I’m going. You won’t forget me.

I leave little pieces of me everywhere. I seek a place that I belong. I usually run away from fear, isolate, and keep a distance so no one can hurt me. Typically, I’m the one to blame for any sort of problem.

I love hard. I’m worthy of so much more than the abuse I’ve been through. These things I’ve dealt with, my mistakes, let me see shadows and the light. Right or wrong is the perspective of a simple thought.

Complexity, adapting I am prepared for mental games. The challenges where I am going, but not to what I have become. I’m constantly transforming, aspiring to find my footing and be who I’m meant to be.

I will leave these pieces of me, where I was and where I’m going. You won’t forget me.

LaNaya Schmoker

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