I will leave these pieces of me, where I was and where I’m going. You won’t forget me.

I leave little pieces of me everywhere.

I seek a place where I feel I belong. Likewise, I usually run away from fear and isolate myself and keep a distance so no one can hurt me. I don’t consider myself. I’m typically the one to blame for any sort of problem. I’m quirky, silly, bluntly and broken. Likewise, I like vintage and I like art. My days are sometimes dark, and my nights are too long. I often trip on my own insecurities. I require a lot of attention. I long for passion. Want to be desired. I use music and the words I write down, they’re as important to me as the air I breathe. I love hard. I’m worthy, the things I’ve dealt with aren’t my issues, they have taught me lessons of whom I have become. I’m constantly transforming, aspiring to find my footing and be who I’m meant to be…

LaNaya Schmoker


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