Running out of time

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I arrived at the health and human services office. I walk with my mother by my side into the room, it’s filled with people who never even know me. Only met in a passing. They all are smiling and encouraging me to surrender to sign over my parental rights. They all say it was in the best interest of my kids to give them the best life. I was three days away from a termination hearing, meaning a judge gets to determine my fate…

Running of time. The state only gives you fifteen to twenty-two months to get your children out of the State of Nebraska’s system. I just hit month fifteen this month.

Knowing I had a lot on my plate, looking at going to prison for a different crime, my addiction to methamphetamine. Having a positive test for methamphetamine, even though it was six months before, was signs I wasn’t doing well. I never neglected my children, I gave them every opportunity, everything they needed, and so much love. Well taken care of, but in the states eyes, I wasn’t doing enough. Seems like I never jumped through the hoops and did what I could, and then some. I always came up short-handed, and they would have something more to dig up. The state doesn’t come into your life to help you. They are investigating, they require what information they need to find something.


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