True story

LaNaya Schmoker


“I cannot and will not pretend this site offers a cure for anyone who has suffered after surviving a traumatic event. It doesn’t. What we are about to begin together is not easy; it is not for everyone.”


What’s your storm?

LaNaya Schmoker

Life never gave her many options on which path to choose.
Just when she made it through one storm, another would roar to life.
There were crying in the showers to the quiet nights lying in bed awake, overthinking and exhausted…
But I am unable to sleep.
Truthfully, she couldn’t tell you how she managed to find her way through her days and overcome her battles.
But she always found a way.
To keep going, to rise above and gradually evolve.
Behind her somber eyes lies an incredible depth of brokenness, tinged by a lingering sense of sadness.
For all those that left her life, for the things she hadn’t done and the heartache that pulled at her soul.
While she was a warrior with a fierce spirit, underneath the steely facade was a soft heart, brimming with love…
Love, in fact, that she was eager to share with those who had earned their way into her heart.
Her most intimate places were stashed away behind high walls. —
Not to keep others out, but to see who cared enough to tear them down.
If they ever glimpsed into her depths, they were overwhelmed with the gorgeous truths of her deepest secrets and soul love.
But that was the part of her that she reserved for the precious few in her life that she held close and dear.
The world would never know her intimately in that way, for she’d burned those bridges long ago after countless heartbreaks and betrayals.
She did what she had to do to protect herself and feel safe.
Her eyes sparkled with a zeal for life, and her smile belied her most tender secrets…
So, when she rose in the morning, sometimes soul weary and emotionally exhausted, she would close her eyes, dig deep and stoke the fiery strength of her spirit.
For this remarkable and complex woman, she was more than just a lover, dreamer, and survivor.
She was a warrior who never accepted failure. —
With passion in her spirit and fire in her heart, she would face each day bravely, never shrinking from the challenge.
And she would look in the mirror every time and definitely… utter the same fierce promise to herself:
“Today, I rise.”


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