How to be a functional addict, is there such a term? Unpacking items, I found this small journal of moments in addiction. I feel like it’s important to share the raw stories not many mention…


What’s your storm? LaNaya Schmoker Life never gave her many options on which path to choose.Just when she made it through one storm, another would roar to life.There were crying in the showers to the quiet nights lying in bed awake, overthinking and exhausted…But I am unable to sleep.Truthfully, she couldn’t tell you how sheContinue reading “HOW TO CALM A STORM”

Running out of time

I arrived at the health and human services office. I walk with my mother by my side into the room, it’s filled with people who never even know me. Only met in a passing. They all are smiling and encouraging me to surrender to sign over my parental rights. They all say it was inContinue reading “Running out of time”

Do you know your rights?

This article discusses how the mother’s emotional health is important for reunification or termination of parental rights cases, as well as other reasons. Why the issue needs to be addressed, by policymakers. Losing Hope Healing your bond when your children have been taken by CPS Child welfare system has caused many mothers to experience grief andContinue reading “Do you know your rights?”

Generational Gap

The generational gap of families in the foster care system. “To sign those papers that day, i was pressured and Un- volunteerly was made to sign those paper with false promises in exchange to appear make a decision and still keep you in my life. I questioned it from the beginning i wondered if theyContinue reading “Generational Gap”


You are not falling behind—you are falling into yourself The truth is, you’re not always going to be a good person. You’re going to mess up. We all do. It’s when you use those mistakes. And we dwell on other perspectives of our faults, and we recreate the mistake. Owning is a lesson and makingContinue reading “You”