“I cannot and will not pretend this site offers a cure for anyone who has suffered after surviving a traumatic event. It doesn’t. What we are about to begin together is not easy; it is not for everyone.”

LaNaya Schmoker

Healing and self-love sounded cliché, but seeing to know the truth: It’s selfish not to heal. It’s self-indulgent not to put in the work. I’m ready to share my to whom it may concern:



As a parent you give them unconditional support, you believe in your children. You don’t just walk away. We’re defined by choices. I made a million bad choices, but I want my children to know that wasn’t a choice!

“To sign those papers that day, I was pressured and UN-voluntarily forced to sign that paper with false promises in exchange to appear to make a decision and still keep you in my life.” I questioned it from the beginning. I wondered if they would create this distance. Not only that, but I think about you every second and every second in between, and the before. Not only that, but I would do anything to help you, both. These are my thoughts, my heart reaching out to you to know you’ve never missed a beat in my heart. You inspired me to fight this fight. The pain I feel away from you is my hunger. I accepted that I have been through bad circumstances. My present moment is my healing to give this life a new meaning. The best of days is still waiting to be told”.

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